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We are a Wedding & Party Barn Dance & Ceilidh Band based in the 3 counties of (Worcestershire, Herefordshire & Gloucestershire), and have played for over 800 Barn Dances & Ceilidhs here and in the West Midlands, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, North Somerset and South and Central Wales. is our website



Hire a Barn Dance Band or Ceilidh Band for your Wedding or Party

bride dancing at Ceilidh Barn Dance in Herefordshire A wedding Barn Dance Ceilidh

A barn dance or ceilidh is a fantastic fun social event that all ages can enjoy and the music isn’t so loud that it drowns out conversation. 

We do Ceilidhs for evening Wedding Receptions, where both sides of the family and friends can get to know each other. 

We do Barn Dances for parties: birthday parties, wedding anniversary celebrations, retirements, change of job parties and more. Whether you want Scottish, Irish, American, English or a mixture of all styles, this versatile Band will give you a fun and exhilarating dance to remember.

We are hired for fund raising events, Burns Nights, St Patricks, New Year’s Eve, Military dinners, village shows, church socials, golf clubs, football clubs and athletics clubs. Is there anything that we don’t play for? I don’t think so.


What is the difference between a Barn Dance & Ceilidh?

scottish ceilidh for wedding in oxfordshire village hall Scottish Ceilidh for Wedding

Some people think that a Ceilidh Dance and a Barn Dance are completely different things. They are not.  Barn Dance tends to be the English and American name, where English or American folk tunes would be played. Ceilidh is the Scottish and Irish name, hence Scottish Ceilidh Bands  and Irish Ceili Bands. Here the bands would mostly play Celtic folk tunes. 

Both a ceilidh and a barn dance will have a caller to teach the dances and sort out the muddles (theyre the best part!). The band will play traditional tunes, as appropriate. Many of the dances are very similar no matter what kind of dance it is (often the same dances and tunes are claimed by the Irish, Scotts, English and Americans as their own, but played in a different style). 

Of course, there are also the dances that are specific, Square Dances for American Barn Dances, Strip the Willow for Scottish Ceilidhs and so on. Read more here about Ceilidhs. Barn Dances, Hoedowns, Twmpaths, Country Dances


Venues our Ceilidh Bands and Barn Dance Bands have played at

gloucestershire wedding venue where barn dance and ceilidh band have played for weddings Gloucestershire wedding venue

We play everywhere from wedding venue stately homes to private homes, village halls to plush Hotels, marquees to ancient inns. You name it, we’ve played in hundreds of locations in the counties of Worcestershire (see Worcestershire Ceilidh Barn Dance Venues), where four of our band live close by the Gloucestershire border (see Gloucestershire Ceilidh Barn Dance Venues). We also play regularly in Warwickshire (see Warwickshire Ceilidh Barn Dance Venues)  and the West Midlands (see West Midlands Ceilidh Barn Dance Venues ) where ceilidhs are very popular,  in the Cotswold villages and university colleges of Oxford (see Oxfordshire Ceilidh Barn Dance Venues), and Wiltshire (see Wiltshire Ceilidh Barn Dance Venues) where another of our band lives, Herefordshire, where three of our band members live, Bristol where yet another lives & sometimes in the southern part of Shropshire.

Help with running a Barn Dance or Ceilidh

If you’ve not run a ceilidh or barn dance before, or even if you have, but not with one of our bands, you might find it useful to check out the Practical Information section.

Special dates

There are a number of special dates throughout the year that one has to book very early for, such as:

Chistmas: how to do a band booking at this busy time of year

New Year

Burns Night

St Patrick's Day

- The busy wedding season

About the music and dances

Our Ceilidh and Barn Dance Bands have somewhere in the region of 1600 English, Irish, Scottish, American and Klezmer folk tunes in their repertoir (and can add specific other ones for you, as long as you give us suffiecient warning to track down the music). 


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