The Austentatious Country Dance Band

NOTE: this version of the band in this form is no longer being offered BUT you can have some of the same Regency period 'Jane Austen' dances played by the Hullabaloo English band, who will also include later period English tunes and dances, or the Ringerike Band who will then move on to a mixture of more contemporary Scottish, Irish & American tunes and dances. This will be without period costume, and with a slightly different line up of instruments. Here is a description of the original version of the band:


A period English Country Dance Band. (Ceilidh or Barn Dance of the time.) Experience the civilised music & dance of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Dance to tunes with names like ‘A Trip To Highgate’, ‘The Alderman’s Hat’ & ‘The Pleasures of the Town’ played by a band typical of the period, with oboe, violin, flute/harpsichord, guitar/mandola and cello/bass..


The band's caller (who advised on music to Polanski's Tess of the D'Urbervilles, including teaching the star, Peter Firth to play the flute for the filming) - will guide you through the dances and make the evening accessible to everyone, regardless of experience. You can even dress up in period costume if you like (the ladies look lovely).


Is a whole evening of Jane Austen period dance too much for you? Possibly. So later we could move into a traditional English Barn Dance in the second half.

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