The Bagels Klezmer Band

Can anything surpass traditional Jewish & Eastern European music for the extremes of joy and despair? The versatile musicians of this band will give you an evening of traditional British folk dance interspersed by traditional Klezmer wedding music. Something for everyone whether this is a 100% Jewish occasion, or one where you want to celebrate your possibly distant Jewish ancestry. Or perhaps you have no Jewish connections at all, but are just in love with the music that is a melding of Jewish and Eastern European traditions. We can even throw in some Russian, Hungarian and Bosnian tunes if you like. Note: This is an instrumental, music to listen to band, we don't teach any dances (Yet!)


When we do play Klezmer, it is normally by including some Klezmer music to listen to between dances in a Ringerike Ceilidh, i.e. when we let the guests sit down for a rest to get their energy back, between dances. On some occasions, a guest at the event has led dancing to our music, and we are very happy for this to happen, and are happy to set up a micorphone for them if needed (though this kind of dance is normally led by the 'caller' on the dance floor.)


Another occasion where it is appropriate to include Klezmer, is during an American Barn DanceAmerican hoedown / folk music has been influenced by the wide mix of nationalities that emigrated to the continent and a surprising number of very traditional American tunes (especially the more complex fiddle competition tunes), are interspersed with very American hoedown / folk musicAmerican hoedown / folk music and figures.To my mind, as a fiddle player, the Jewish and Eastern European fiddle players are the zenith of  the art!

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