Dances & Music of our Barn Dance & Ceilidh Bands

The 1600+ folk tunes in our repertoire are divided into those for Scottish Ceilidhs, Irish Ceilidhs, American Barn DancesEnglish Barn Dances or Country Dances and Klezmer (music to listen to), but many of the tunes are claimed by more than one ethnic group, and of course the Americans, who are a mixture of every nationality, claim the lot as theirs. Even the truly American tunes often have Eastern European, Irish and Scottish elements to them. To have a ceilidh or barn dance incorporating music from all the nationalities, then you need to book the Ringerike Ceilidh & Barn Dance Band


This section is one we intend to add to over time, for your information, but if you want specific tunes or dances, send us an enquiry and we can discuss them with you.


Hunt the Wren - Manx Traditional Ceilidh / Barn Dance

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