English & Welsh Traditions

The English Barn Dance or Country Dance Tradition


So what about English dancing? For what we would term an English barn dance, (which is sometimes spelt as an alternative barndance), valid descriptions are English country dances,  english folk dances; country dances; country dancing; english country dance. For this we have the  Hullabaloo English Barn Dance Band.


Then there are requests for period dances. When we get a request for Jane Austen Dancesor Regency Period Dances; we offer Ringerike Ceilidh & Barn Dance Band . We currently do not offer our pure period group, but we can play some authentic music of the period and to which the caller calls the very civilised (and sometimes not so civilised) dances the period. We do not play in costume.The other dances dna tunes would be English of a later period. It’s important for people not to get mixed up with the Jane Austin dancing that they’ll typically see on Hollywood movies, whether dances often have little to do with the real dances the period, and although a small dance band may be shown the soundtrack is usually of a Symphony Orchestra of eighty people play. But that’s Hollywood for you! 


We also sometimes get asked for dancers of the Thomas Hardy period, mostly when one of the Thomas Hardy novel is has been recently dramatised on television. For this we have a band called The Madding Crowd, which plays music of that period, which lies between the Jane Austen period and the present day. 



Welsh Music and Dance


Then there is welsh folk music. The Welsh term for a Welsh barn dance band is a Twmpath band. So sometimes we do get requests for Twmpath bands, but also welsh bands; welsh traditional dance; welsh groups; welsh dance; welsh dancing; welsh folk band;  


The Welsh have a rich history of folk music which is kept alive in part by the many Eisteddfods that take place around Wales, where traditional Welsh music is performed in a competitive, though friendly, way, with welsh folk groups performing welsh Celtic music to get a placings and metals at the Eisteddfod. The welsh music bands that we have on our website and who perform welsh folk music are specialists in dancing and call relevant dances to welsh dance music. His music different to English music? It is subtly different though not as different as perhaps English folk music is to Irish. It tends to be made up of very pretty tunes that are relatively gentle in nature, certainly not wildly upbeat and energetic, though they certainly can swing along nicely. We offer Ringerike Ceilidh & Barn Dance Band where we would do a mixture of general music and dance and include two or three specifically Welsh dances to traditional Welsh tunes.

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