Can the band set up earlier in the day?

We start set up 45 minutes before the start of the ceilidh or barn dance. About 10 minutes before the start time we do a sound check to balance up for the acoustics of the venue. If the dance is in the same room as people are eating, we can set up quietly in the background. (The PA system isn’t a huge lorry load of equipment, as with a pop band, so we can be quite unobtrusive. We do not set up earlier in the day, as is often the case with pop bands who often have huge amounts of equipment to set up (they also charge two or three times what we do to cover the extra time they are working.



This applies to our bands:


Ringerike Ceilidh & Barn Dance Band


Licketysplit American Barn Dance Band


Ceilidh Idealach Scottish Ceilidh Band


Coulan Sona Irish Ceilidh Band


Hullabaloo English Barn Dance Band


Austentatious Jane Austen Country Dance Band


Madding Crowd Thomas Hardy English Country Dance Band


The Bagels Klezmer Band

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