Ceilidh Idealach Scottish Ceilidh Band

A traditional Scottish Ceilidh Band to take you through Strip the Willow, Gay Gordons and all the popular dances and even the likes of the Reel of 51s (but only if the dancers are experienced). As classically trained musicians they play with the true Scottish precision that would have made Scott Skinner proud. 


Whether it is a wedding with a Scottish contingent, a Burns Night Burns Night or just a fun ceilidh, we will make sure that we do dances that everyone can enjoy.....



We are a highly experienced 8 in 1 band having played for over 800 fun Barn Dances & Ceilidhs throughout the ‘3 Counties’ (Worcestershire, Herefordshire & Gloucestershire) and the West Midlands, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, North Somerset and South and Central Wales.


The Ceilidh Idealach Scottish Ceilidh Band plays in a number of line-ups; Three Piece Band (typically fiddle, guitar, caller/flute/piccolo OR fiddle, guitar, bass/caller), Four Piece Band (typically fiddle, flute/piccolo/caller, guitar, bass OR fiddle, Irish whistle/flute, guitar, bass/caller). We can also include an accordion in the line-up, with a Four Piece Band (typically fiddle, accordion, bass, caller) or a Five piece band (typically fiddle, accordion, guitar, bass, caller) We also play as an instrumental band playing music to listen to (much as often happens in pub sessions in Ireland.) Here the line-up can be Three Piece Session Band (typically fiddle, flute/whistle or Irish piccolo, guitar) or Four Piece Three Piece Session Band (typically fiddle, flute/whistle or Irish piccolo, guitar, bass). We do not do vocals. 

See us playing in our other Incarnations of our 8 in 1 band, as IrishAmericanEnglish Bands, or as a Mixture of All Styles

Why do we call ourselves a Scottish Ceilidh band and not a Scottish Barn Dance Band? Read Ceilidh & Barn Dance to answer this, but there is a lot to the Scottish Ceilidh Tradition beyond the obvious Burns Night. There are many Traditional kinds of Scottish fold dance music only some of which we would call for, as some Scottish dances are very formal and complex and falls outside the practical Scottish Ceillidhing tradition that most people could enjoy. But if you are a bunch of experts who have learned the complicated dances, we would be happy to play the tunes for you to dance to. Here is some interesting information about Traditional Scottish Ceilidh Bands and a subject dear to my heart (as the fiddle player of the band), Scottish Fiddle makers


We play in the Three Counties and their neighbours. Here is some information about venues and towns we have played at:


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Gloucestershire Ceilidh Barn Dance Venues


Oxfordshire Ceilidh Barn Dance Venues


Warwickshire Ceilidh Barn Dance Venues


West Midlands Ceilidh Barn Dance Venues


Wiltshire Ceilidh Barn Dance Venues


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