Coulan Sona Irish Ceili Band

A traditional Irish Ceilidh Band, this experienced band capture the dynamic flow that is the essence of Irish music and dance. If playing for a dance, the band have a caller to guide the dancers, so that everyone can enjoy the eveing. Yes, be sure that we do dances that even beginners can do. It is not Irish step dancing like you see the likes of Riverdance do. That takes years of training. But if it's a real Irish event and there are people who can do it, we are thrilled to play for them. 

We are a highly experienced 8 in 1 band having played for over 800 fun Barn Dances & Ceilidhs throughout the ‘3 Counties’ (Worcestershire, Herefordshire & Gloucestershire) and the West Midlands, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, North Somerset and South and Central Wales.


Coulan Sona plays in a number of line-ups; Three Piece Band (typically fiddle, guitar, caller/flute/piccolo OR fiddle, guitar, bass/caller), Four Piece Band (typically fiddle, flute/piccolo/caller, guitar, bass OR fiddle, Irish whistle/flute, guitar, bass/caller). We also play as an instrumental band playing music to listen to (much as often happens in pub sessions in Ireland.) Here the line up can be Three Piece Session Band (typically fiddle, flute/whistle or Irish piccolo, guitar) or Four Piece Three Piece Session Band (typically fiddle, flute/whistle or Irish piccolo, guitar, bass). We do not do vocals.Find out more about  Irish Ceili Traditionstraditional Irish ceilidh bandsthe Irish Ceili and traditional Irish Dance Styles here....

See us playing in our other Incarnations of our 8 in 1 band, as Scottish, AmericanEnglish Bands, or as a Mixture of All Styles

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