The Madding Crowd (Thomas Hardy) English Country Dance Band

A period English Country Dance Band. (Ceilidh or Barndance of the time.) Experience the music and dances that would have been familiar to Thomas Hardy and the characters he encapsulated in his novels and poetry.. At one time Thomas Hardy thought of himself primarily as a musician and fiddle player, playing in village and church bands, and producing his collections of English traditional music. The well known tune ‘Dribbles of Brandy’, ‘Tink a Tink’ and ‘The Triumph’ were all found in Hardy’s manuscript books. Just as in the village bands of the day, The Madding Crowd Band (how true!) includes fiddle, flute / piano, guitar, bass. Don’t worry about not knowing the dances, our caller will show you the dances and make sure you have a great time. Dress up if you like - makes it all the more fun.

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