The Ringerike Ceilidh & Barn Dance Band

This band does a bit of everything, with caller for dance, without caller for just music

Perfect for weddings and parties, this version of the band will give you a mix of Barn Dance & Ceilih music and dance. We play Irish, Scottish, English, American, Scandinavian and even a bit of Klezmer if you want. This is perfect for a mixed group of people at a wedding or party, as it gives something for everyone .....MORE about us

Ringerike describe themselves as a ceilidh and barn dance band. Yes both, so what is the difference between a Ceilidh & Barn Dance you may ask? The band do a  A Mixture of music and dance, covering the Scottish Ceilidh Tradition , the some of the tunes that would be part of a Traditional Irish Ceilidhs, plus of course  English & Welsh traditions to cover the British Isles, but not leaving out Traditional American Barn Dance & Hoedown which in some sense is a derivative of all the British traditional folk music mixed with French, Jewish Klezmer and Eastern European.


We play in the Three Counties and their neighbours. Here is some information about venues and towns we have played at:


Worcestershire Ceilidh Barn Dance Venues


Gloucestershire Ceilidh Barn Dance Venues


Oxfordshire Ceilidh Barn Dance Venues


Warwickshire Ceilidh Barn Dance Venues


West Midlands Ceilidh Barn Dance Venues


Wiltshire Ceilidh Barn Dance Venues


Here is some general information to help you organise your event, but there is a lot more made available to you if you book us:




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