St Patrick's Day

Book the Coulan Sona Irish Ceilidh Band for your St Patrck's celebration!


St Patrick’s day celebrations are a major Irish event. We get a lot of enquiries, so please do book early. But there can uncertainty about what is wanted. You need to decide and make clear to us whether you want a St Patrick’s Day Ceilidh, (where guests are going to dance, with a caller, and usually to an instrumental band without a singer). Or do you want instrumental music to listen to, perhaps as background music for a meal. Or do you want an Irish folk singing band, where your guests can join in singing traditional Irish songs? Some Irish Ceilidh bands do have a vocalist who will do a few songs between dances, but many do not. And if you want a folk singing band, then it is usually a completely different band from a Ceilidh band.


The makeup of guests at you wedding or event can have a bearing on the style of Irish Ceilidh Band that would be appropriate. If most of the guests at the Ceilidh are not Irish, a band that does Irish music, but can also throw in a few Scottish or American tunes and dances may give the best option. If this is the case, you may be best to book the Ringerike Ceilidh Band. However, if you really like Irish music, or if the guests are mostly Irish, or members of an Irish dance club, then Coulan Sona Irish Ceilidh Band would be the best option. Also remember that your guests are not going to be doing River Dance style step dancing, that takes years to learn. They will be dancing in sets with a caller instructing them in easy to learn dances and perhaps including dances like ‘the Siege of Ennis’ if there are some more experienced dancers there. (Having said that, sometimes there are one or two experienced Irish dancers at an event, and it is not uncommon for the band to play for them to perform a demonstration dance on the night.)


Lastly, a lot of American folk music is Irish or has a close connection with the Irish style, because of the imigration to the USA, so if you want an American St Patrick's Hoedown / Irish mix, you might consider booking the Licketysplit American Barn Dance Band, but tell us AT THE TIME OF BOOKING that you want some Irish tunes included.

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